Thursday, September 09, 2010

Buses can be a PITA

All week I keep having grand schemes to get in to work early and use the pool here and check out the other gym facilities. Our local transit has made it more complicated by f*cking up all the routes as of September 1 (I believe their words were "revamping them for a better tomorrow!"...*ahem*)...essentially they've revamped a lot of the routes that apply to me in the AM, so I' having a bit of a problem not missing buses or taking ones that get me here with any extra time. Everything is slightly off the norm and it'll take a few weeks until the buses themselves actually arrive when they say they will as well...for now if you're not out there about 10 minutes early you're playing roulette with actually catching the bus you want -lots of waiting either way. This morning I managed to miss a bus by mere seconds...I've been able to log some extra time this week here as makeup time for missing classes so it's not *that* bad, but I'd rather have swam this morning than sat in a bus stop for 25 minutes in the rain. Thankfully I had some CBC podcasts to amuse myself so it wasn't so bad. If it hadn't rained I would have biked in...I like biking because I have control over my arrival time. Unfortunately in the rain and snow it's not so great, so despite my whining, I have to figure this transit thing out...and I will.

Ah well, eventually I will get here in time to see the pool and perhaps even swim in it...we shall see. For now, it is another day...we shall see what's up :)