Friday, April 09, 2010

My Dad thinks I'm cool :)

Well, I must brag a little - my talk was great. It all went very well. I am always sadly amused that simple attention to detail and keeping up with deadlines is unusual and very impressive...go figure. If all they want is me to keep up and do well...well, hey. I can swing that. It's a fantastic project. I'm all over it. I'm used to quarterly reports to bigwigs who have absolutely no clue what I do asking retarded questions and expecting miracles. Simply delivering what I said I would is very doable - bring it on :)

Sure, yeah, I now have a whackload of stuff to do again...and I'll still be stupidly busy, but it's nice to have people tell you you're awesome...I mean, my Dad called after and *HE* says I'm awesome. So that's that. My Dad wouldn't lie :)

It's strange - I'm stiff in the most bizarre of places from starting up my new Core Performance really does work your core muscles. Holy bejeezuz I'm stiff in the most awkward and amusing places. BUT - knee is fine. That's the main thing. I'm hoping to get allover strength and fitness and build on that. I'm looking for new ways to get back to uberfitness. Then I can take over the world...I mean, um...whoops...was that out loud?

I, sadly, do have work to do this weekend BUT I will be relaxing in the evenings...I can't wait. I loves me a free evening with J at movie chillaxing. It will be ever so loverly.

Through the last week of insanity I've fallen back in love with an old CD from 1995 that I somehow got hooked on doing homework and studying to in university...I pulled it out to listen to while working on my talk. U2 and Brian Eno went together to make an odd little album under the name Passengers.
It was a fake CD of soundtrack songs from movies that didn't of them ended up in a film (Ghost in the Shell I think) but the rest are just wonderful flowing songs.
Only one (about Elvis) I find to not really set with me like the rest do...but even so - this CD always relaxes me. Always makes me smile.
You should give it a listen...


Pacian said...

"one of them ended up in a film (Ghost in the Shell I think)"

One Minute Warning, the end theme. A fantastic piece of ambient music.