It's about bloody time

Finally, after working in research for 10 years, someone has actually acknowledged the labwork I did for them in the lab in a paper they published instead of just pretending they did everything.
It's all I ask for.
I don't need co-authorship...that's not proper in this case (or most cases to be honest).
It's about giving credit where credit is due. Most people take the attitude that even tho I did the work *they* did most of the math (not always true either) so really, I don't warrant a mention...just the secretary who may have typed it up...ggrrrr. Sometimes I even *do* the math and write up half of it and get zipolah...unless it's poster presented somewhere. Then I'm last...*maybe*

So yeah, I'm giddy at this. It's been a long time coming.

Thanks Erick!

Remember: be kind to your labrats


the Bag Lady said…
Congratulations on the recognition! It does feel good when someone acknowledges your contribution.
(so remember that when YOU are rich and famous! *grin*)
Pacian said…
I was kind to my labrat, and it got in the teleporter with me. Now look us.

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