Weekend of music

Imagine if Bjork and Tears For Fears got together for a night of passion that resulted in a love child. Then teach this child to play a theremin, and get him writing his own electronic influenced music. Add in a crazy smile and a lot of talent and you'd have Shamone - a local guy who played a lot of his stuff on friday night, opening for DJ Check. Shamone is a fantastic guy, and I knew he did some interesting music of his own when he wasn't just plain old DJing...and we finally got to hear the music he's been working on when we went out friday night. Very cool stuff...unique, and hard to define. I stand by the description I gave him...it's the closest description of his music I can think of...
And he played a theramin.
Seriously...I've never seen a working theremin before...neato. J has always wanted one, but they're not easy to track down...let alone get a MIDI one that will interface with electronic sound equipment. Hell, *I* want on now just to play with and make lazer sounds with...:)

On other music news - there's a new Gomez album.
And I'm really digging the latest Mr. Scruff album, Ninja Tuna. Not only is Mr. Scruff a good DJ, his original songs and remixes are really good...but he also sells tasty tea and likes to draw squiggly happy cartoons. What's not to love? Check him out :)

Have a toe tapping day! :)


MaCanuck said…
Ken has (had) a magazine with the schematics to build one, Magnus might know the state of that. Also, I'm sure there are ways to track down schematics online...

Oh, sure.


Have fun
Magnus said…
I saw the last one on Bravo a while ago. There is also this page: http://www.thereminworld.com/

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