A night full of surprises

This weekend involved a great deal of family stuff and more food than any one person has any right to ingest, but it was good. At the end of it all, on the recommendation of my brother in law, we watched the movie Crank. I knew nothing about it and hadn't even heard of it before this.

I was very impressed. I like the main actor from his role in the Transporter (another action movie I would recommend). Crank was an intelligent action movie...and the editing shooting style was very stylish and jagged...but in a *good* way. It wasn't distracting...it *added* to the story. You often say things from the perspective of the main character...a hitman who is given a poison - so that his life can only be extended by adrenaline. We watch as he continues to find many unusual ways to stay alive with adrenaline rushes so he can help protect his girlfriend and and get vengeance. It's a crazy ride. Extreme in a lot of ways, but man...I have to say it was fresh, and interesting and one of the best action movies I've seen in a long time. I giggled with coolness a few times :) I'd highly recommend it. Apparently there is a sequel out for it...shot in the same style, with the same main actor. Not sure how it would work, given how this one ended, but hey. I'm in. :)

Today I am off to get back into daily life...I have no desire to eat ever again *still* but I"m sure by lunch my stomach will be mumbling away. Too many meals and snacks with family events...tasty, but man. I could do with a carrot or two :)


Corey said…
Sorry Geo, usually I would never disagree with ANYTHING you say but..c'mon. CRANK was intelligent? Does that include the scene where he "had" to screw his girlfriend on the sidewalk in front of the Japanese tourists? I have to say Crank was crap.

But we still love you any ways.
Anonymous said…
I haven't seen Crank, but you and I see eye to eye on The Transporter. :-) I tried to persuade Santa Claus to give me the DVD for Christmas, but he wasn't listening. Oh well, another time...
Geo said…
Aw Corey - say it ain't so? :)

The ideas of how to stay alive were intelligent - scientifically accurate. It wasn't just "look what I can blow up now"...well Ok not all the time. You would not believe how inaccurate stuff can be on film... I'm not saying the whole film was great or any kind of epic by any means...sometimes I just like a film as it just entertained me...I was just in the right mood for it at the time. Like the first fast & Furious movie...not the best film ever made, but so help me, I really enjoyed it a t the time. Of course I doubt it would hold up to a repeated watch...just a one time sort of thing.

The whole girlfriend thing...at the time I just found it funny. Really really funny...tacky, yes. But so help me, funny.

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