Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Knock on Wood

My friend and her fiance just bought a new house - signed the papers conditional on inspection last night. Well not *new* new, but new to her...built in 1979. It's really a lovely place...just outside of town so I'll have to drive a bit to see her, but I'm glad for her and her man. They've come through a lot of hard times together and come out smiling in the end...and have been looking for a place for a while, as their rent keeps going up and is basically a why pay that when you can live in your own home. The trick is house prices have been so stupidly elevated that they've been having trouble finding something in their price range with enough rooms for them and his kids. They don't want the world, just a simple, well kept home. Finally they did...a cute house that needs no work and is really nice.
Trick is, following home inspection it turns out it has a wooden foundation. Now apparently there is nothing wrong with that - it's in good shape and all. I just didn't know you could MAKE a house with a wooden foundation. They're going to check that it is in good shape and if so, will buy it, but I am rather surprised at this - do any of you know anything about wooden foundations? I didn't realise they could be done...apparently with proper building materials and drainage they're just fine. I don't know how it all works. I wonder if they'll be doing the right things getting a house with this kind of foundation...maybe they'll have to fix it later. I wonder how many years they last...and if they go to sell it years from now if it will be a hinderance.

Anyone know anyone with a wooden foundation? Are they happy/sad/indifferent/soggy?

They're trying to celebrate, but this sort of puts and edge on things...if it were me I probably wouldn't get the place. But I have the worst luck of anyone I know...and I already have a house I love and fortunately don't have to make this decision. We bought before the market went insane. Finding a home that you can afford should not be so difficult...


mago said...

Venezia is built on wooden fundations. The problem area is where the wood comes out of the earth, there it may rot away.

Missicat said...

I guess I would suggest that they make sure it is treated properly and definitely check for rot and termites! And good drainage. I hope it all goes well!

the Bag Lady said...

If the house was built in 1979 and is still standing, I'm sure it'll last a good long time. Is it a wooden basement, or simply a wooden foundation?
If it was properly constructed of treated lumber, and the drainage is sufficient, it should be fine for a long time to come.
Our "living room" is on skids (basically, two long pieces of treated wood, lying on a bed of gravel), and I sometimes worry about it. So far, so good, though - it's been 12 years.