Dear interweb,

I have lots to say but you keep crashing and losing my posts.

Bad interweb.
No blog for you.



Missicat said…
That happened to me yesterday! Makes me very cranky.
MaCanuck said…
There are programs (yes, paid) that you can have running on your computer that allow you to make posts, then upload to the blog. No worries about the interweb crashing. Mars Edit is probably the most popular, but there's a bunch.

Geosomin said…
It's not *that* big of a deal...if I have somethign I want to say in depth and properly I'll write it up first and paste it.
This was just your regular sort of wimblings...didn't feel like typing them out a 3rd time :)
the Bag Lady said…
Hate it when that happens. Of course, none of the stuff I write is important enough to worry about - it's not going to save the world from eventual destruction, or cure cancer, or anything, but still....

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