Jeebers already

Oh Crap-Natalee Dee

Everything I have done in the lab today has failed spectacularly.
Some of the samples cannot be replaced.
I may be able to fix them, but chances are, I'll have to repeat some of them and the other...well..too bad so sad.
Makes you feel rather useless it does.
I think I should take a few days off...I'm beginning to think I'm screwing up on purpose.
Probably not...some lab work just doesn't work.
But for *all* isn't working right now. Maybe I should stop before I screw up something else...



Anonymous said…
I hate days like that - it's even worse when there was a lot that needed to be done, even fun stuff, and you just stare at it and feel uninspired. Then you feel like ranting about it, but sit staring at the blank page, not writing anything.

Only thing left to do (after garnering a sympathetic hug from the cat) is take a book and a mug of hot cocoa to bed. I know that's an unoriginal suggestion, but for me it's the only thing that makes me feel better.

I was going to suggest a Dean Koontz, but in the nick of time I remembered (from past experience) that his books are among the worst to read when you're already stressed or down. Might make an interesting blog post...
the Bag Lady said…
Glad to hear the Bag Lady is not alone in having a bad day.....

Sorry things didn't go well for you in the lab, though. Bad work days really suck.
Magnus said…
I might have a four leaf clover you can borrow.
Pacian said…
Bad days all around lately.

Don't be too hard on yourself. No-one's able to work that well when they feel bad. :-(
Anonymous said…
But... (drum roll)...

Got you these. :-) (I don't know if the links will pass the Blogspot censor, fingers crossed).

They can be scaled down to fit your monitor; hope you like. If they're a bit overdone, there's other stuff. :-)

PS Was that you I heard? The captcha wailed 'bedwwl' at me just now.
Geosomin said…
Thanks - it's very pretty...makes me smile to look at.
I've always had a thing for organic fractals and abstract designs. You can get lost in it and see what you want to see.

I checked out some of your other art. It's really good.

Again. Thanks. :)

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