Just found out Goldfrapp will be in Vancouver mid September, playing at the ever so classy Commodore Ballroom.

Wish I could go...she's on my list of people to see before I shuffle off this coil.
Not only is it a fabulous place to see a show, it's Goldfrapp...and it's Vancouver.

I'm on edge at the moment. Life is still crummy, but I've got the internet...and I found the above lovely piece of art on Deviant Art, by Nasayer. I'm gonna stare at the pretty picture for a while.


Anonymous said…
I like that one... if I had to order a print from dA, or maybe a mug, it would be that. :-)
the Bag Lady said…
That fella bouncing around in the video wore me right out! Must go lie down now....(oh, wait, maybe it's 'cause I didn't get enough sleep last night.....!)
Anonymous said…
Glad you posted that. I never heard of Goldfrapp before. I liked the music and the videos a lot. Happiness is great. Made me smile.

Here is my dedication in return. It took a lot searching but I think this is the right selection.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Corey.
You made me smile...

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