It's all in the details

Why oh why do things get more complicated?
And why, no matter how I try to do the right thing...?
2 steps forward 2 steps back.

I'm grateful for my friends right now.
I draw strength from them...cuz I need it.


the Bag Lady said…
Oh no - things are getting MORE complicated?! Poor you.
Hope things settle down for you soon!
Anonymous said…
If I upload my wallpaper it might cheer you up just a little bit. :-)
Have you a widescreen monitor or standard?
Anonymous said…
The only song in the world that can bring tears to my eyes yet some how make me feel better is one by George Harrison with his words of wisdom...

"...Darkness only lasts a night time.
In the morning it will fade away.
Daylight has a way of arriving at the right time.
Its not always going to be this way..."
Anonymous said…
Thanx Corey.
You're cool.

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