Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I like shiny things

J stumbled upon something rather cool...and gaudy and blinky and shiny....
I must preface by saying we both love lights. All kinds of lights - colors, blinking, shaped, UV, lasers, blacklight, name it, we will probably like it if not try and own it. There are at least 20 different odd lights throughout our house and at Christmas...well you almost need shades. So personally, on a blinky shiny things level I can see the appeal of the one of the crazes in Japan called Dekotora (Don't worry no more icky links)
What is it you ask?Well you take a huge semi or monster truck and cover it with blinky things and show them off...from what I can tell the more you look like a slot machine in the gaudiest casino in Vegas the better you're doing. It's a decoration truck. Sure you could argue it is pointless (and rather tasteless) and a waste of $$ but yo uhave to admire that level of dedication to blinky shiny things. As wierd as I find it, I'd love to run into someone driving one of these at night. I can't say I want one, but I wouldn't mind gawking at one for a bit...