I heart Peter Parker

Although I have some reservations, for the most part I liked the latest Spiderman film.
It wasn't as good as the other 2 in my mind, but up until about half way through thte film I was enthralled. I have always loved spiderman since I was a child, so I will admit I'm a bit biased...I mean when you had a poster of spiderman on the ceiling above your bed for a more than a few years you tend to overlook a few flaws in a film about him just to see him on the big screen. I mean, a scientist everyday guy who gets to be a superhero? A good guy who can't seem to get things right and yet wants to do the right thing -my kinda guy!

I'll try not to give anything away as I ramble...but I can't promise anything, so if you're diehard and don't want to know anything, go have a glass of milk and a cookie and come back later. OK? OK. They made a few changes from the comics, which I'm neither here nor there about...like Venom being a much smaller man, the Son of Green Goblin redeeming himself... I'm not a real comic purist, so as long as the changes don't distract, I don't mind very much. I've always found the idea of Venom an interesting one, so I was anxious to see it on film. The idea of a symbiote amplifying parrts of it's host, both good and bad - it's an intriguing idea. I liked the idea of Peter Parker dabbling in revenge and choosing to step back, while Venom ends up letting it consume him. My real issue with the film was when Peter "went bad for a while" - a small section of the film went on and on too long for my taste. What should've been a quick joke or two was really extended and in my mind went too far into the silly realm for me...I got the idea they just should've gone through the script a few more times and it would've been better-it suffered a bit from sequelitis. Too much going on, with too many coincidences necessary to fit it all in. Even the butler was a bit convenient with his revelations. And yet...it's a comic book story. One with one of my favorite childhood heroes in it. So in the end I still enjoyed it. And I must say that Bruce Campbell's cameo in this film makes it worth going to in itself!

But yet overall, I'd still prefer the second film to this one. I did enjoy it though. Being at the premiere as one of the very few girls amongst a gang of spiderman geeks makes for a fun way to view the film...and a very exhausting day afterwards on very little sleep. I defended the female geeks presence in the comic realm once again.

Now I just have to see Hot Fuzz...and take my brother to Grindhouse. He needs to see those films. The guy is the reason I watched so many schlocky horror films as a kid and I feel I must repay the favor.

And on an off note (a positively curdled one actually) my brother showed me something very scary today and I fear for the future. I can't believe it - There is a *musical* being made of Evil Dead. Yes. A musical. I know. I too went WTF???
Honest...to experience the thing go to: http://www.evildeadthemusical.com/toronto/
I'm sad to say it's real. *shudder* With a poster advertising how it is "disarmingly funny? With musical numbers like "Do the necronomicon?" I'm frightened. I need to go sit in the corner, suck my thumb and draw some pictures of smiling dinosaurs and bunny rabbits for a while.

I'm off to find my crayolas...Yeargh.


Thoth Harris said…
A musical of The Evil Dead? That's so yesterday, Geosomin. You didn't know about that. That already happened before, not just recently. I remember seeing ads for it in Montreal about two or three years ago. I am jaded. They make musicals of everything. They can do it if they want. They can make a musical of me going to the bathroom if they want, but I won't go to see it.
Geosomin said…
"They can make a musical of me going to the bathroom if they want, but I won't go to see it."

But how will you know they got it right if you don't check it out? :P

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