Soo...anyone interested ina few photos of our weekend at Waskesiu??
We spent a lazy weekend there with Jay's family: his parents his brother and wife and munchkin and sister and husband. The Lost Creek Cabins where we stayed were a few minutes out of town so it was more private and we could walk into town to the beach and relax. There was even a jacuzzi outside and a barbecure pit - other than melting the bushpie maker it was all good! J and I and his sister and husband spent Saturday doing a nice 9.5 K hike...a very mellow afternoon.
On the hike there was an observation tower on top of the hil. It was great - you could see for miles.

And lots of pretty things.

Hee hee - you can see the caterpillar feet!
And the views at night?

Yup. We had a nice weekend...


Magnus said…
I am envious.

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