The secret life of my pet (Sunday Scribbles)

Dear Diary,

My master says that I am improving.
Throughout my childhood and training as a paduan I have been learning how to become less clumsy and refine my abilities. I have mastered the art of running and leaping from balconies onto people's heads and jumping out to surprise my opponants with my mighty roar and dazzling footwork. I can retract my claws and meditate upon the cloud chair of air and I am beginning to move the training ball with the power of my mind. I can fit through impossibly small spaces and leap unthinkable heights. I am hopeful that I will be able to pull all my feet up under me and hover above the ground by the end of the week. Soon I will embark on my testing journey into the ductworks of the wilderness where I will face my greatest fear and defeat it. I have heard the creatures in the walls at night and been mocked for my diligence but the time will come. Oh great invisible monsters beware-I am coming for you.
I was chosen for my balance and agility. Some, like my jaded furry companion, have learned to dance and do tricks in the hopes of attention. Fah - that is not for me. I am a trained fighter. I have seen the enemies approach from the hedges and grassy knolls and know I am needed to protect my home. It is through perseverence I will complete my training. I will become more than just a cat - I will be one with all things.
We and my fellow trainees meet at night insecret. All the work we do to keep our masters safe is unknown. We are the unthanked keepers of freedom and justice -the guardians in this dangerous world. Oh the others *think* it is the dogs who protect them and watch over them. They are blind to the truth - it is the feline forces that keep them safe. Our canine brothers merely watch for us and allow us to do our work unhindered. The elders tell us that as we develop our skills we will one day pass on what we have learned to the young ones who come after us. In time they will give up the bitts of fluff and fuzzy mice and begin to hunt the mighty mice and giant insects that threaten to take over our masters homes. We are the last line of defence in keeping our world safe.
I am Ezekiel.
My master tells me I will soon be a jedi.


Pacian said…
A very imaginative piece of writing this is. Make me smile it did; strong images it conjured.

(My Yoda is a little rusty...)
lol good bit of writing.

May the Force be with Ezekiel!

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