up and down

I feel so bad for my sister in law. Yesterday was her 30th birthday. Yesterday she also lost her baby, which was about 3 months along. It's never easy to go through something like that (I've never had kids so I can only speak from talking with friends and family who've dealt with miscarriages)...but to wake up to that on your birthday? To spend all day in the hospital and then have to try and explain it to your 3 year old daughter? To have to tell everyone you just told about being pregnant that you aren't? Well, that just...yeah.

It makes me grateful for what I have. Makes me feel guilty for complaining about a thesis.
Last night I got very angry with my thesis. See, I have about 20 pages of discussion, but I am finding it hard to put into an order that flows. I have 3 main hypotheses that overlap. It's hard to logically talk about them, because of the overlap...some of them are needed to explain others. It's so incredibly frustrating to try and put down logically. I think I've finally hammered out an order to start trying to plunk things into, but I feel like I wasted an evening. Like I can't finish.
I'm just beyond annoyed with all of this writing business. I feel like there isn't much point in complaining, because I already have said everything. I just want to be done.
I will work hard the next 3 days...and then go away and relax for a while...we'll see if that helps.


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