Rain please kthxby

Finally bought myself my first ever really nice raincoat today. I have a white agent 99 white one with big lapels hich is cool, but has no hood and isn't really practical or really waterproof and another cheap one that isn't actually rain proof either (grrr for cheap coats)...not to mention an old army surplus huge raincoat that is like wearing a big green garbage bag...using an umbrella here in the windy city is usually 50% possible...the rest of the time I just get rather wet. Which I have lived with...grudgingly.

I hemmed between two, one of which was super cooler styled and had stretchier slightly more breatherable fabric (I really loved it), but it was thinner and didn't cover as much. I'm a whiner, so the one choose is a bit longer and has a nice hood and it's still quite nice (and it's yellow!). So finally it can rain on me all it want and I will just grin and not be wet. Hooray. We figured with a 5 day hike coming up in a few weeks where it could possibly rain the whole time, having a good raincoat I can wear all the time is a wise idea. It may not breath as well for hiking, but will rock for me for every day. I have to dust off the hikers and wear them around a bit so I don't get unusual blisters this next while...thankfully living in a lab I can do that. :)

Not much going on other than thesis. Raincoats are very thrilling these days...


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