Brief Distraction

Working hard on the thesis figures. Trying not to go's sort of working.
As a breather I did a meme...a bit of alphabet soup of things I am currently into, annoyed with or that my life is full of whether I want to or not J

A: Apples. Love them. I really do have one every day.

B: Bodyrock TV. Great online workout site with quick intense workouts I’ve been using a lot lately. I can see a difference in my fitness levels already after doing them a few times a week.

C: Coffee. Black nectar of the gods. A little cream and I am so very happy

D. Diet Coke. Yes I know it’s bad for me. No I don’t care.

E: Edemame. One of those great veggies I just never had up until a while ago.

F: friends. I don’t get out much at all with being so busy with school…I cherish the time I get to spend with my friends a great deal. They keep me from going nutso…

G. Game of Thrones – I love the Song of Ice and Fire series so far (although really books 4 and 5 could have been cut down and combined into 1 book…) The TV adaptation on HBO has been great.

H. Hamburgers…making homemade burgers is the finest easy meal. Taco burgers and curried pork burgers have topped the list lately.

I. Immunohistochemistry – my thesis topic…

J. my J. Luv him dearly.

K. Kraken Rum. It is the finest golden goodness. When the thesis becomes insurmountable, the Kraken comes to call…

L: Lemon Jelly. When the numbers get to be insurmountable, I put on their happy music and soon I am mellow and back at the thesis again

M: my mead. It’s clearing up nice and golden. Can’t wait to try it J

N: Naming things. Lately all my well used tools or items of clothing have developed names. This has expanded to include oddly shaped fruits and vegetables and chocolate Easter bunnies.

O: Ott. I have really enjoyed his new album and listen to it a lot.

P: Pineapple. Lately cottage cheese with pineapple in it is the breakfast of champions.

Q: Quirks and Quarks science podcast on CBC. I’ve been listening to it since high school

R: Rice cakes. Seriously. I LOVE them. I know it’s weird, but they are one of my favourite snacks. Crunchy and salty. Mmm…

S: Sleep. Precious sleep…

T: Tacos. Greek tacos. Regular tacos. Lately, I love me some tacos…

U is for my glowy Blade Runner umbrella J got me for my birthday. I love it.

V. the Vinyl Café podcast from CBC. It makes me smile and giggle about the little things

W: Wine. Need I say more? My dad has his winemaking up and running again. I'm hoping to make some more in the fall...currentl fave is Prickly Pear Gewurztraminer

X. Xercise (yes I cheated). Getting the endorphins pumping has kept me sane and gives me energy to start the day. I really don’t know how I used to get by without it…

Y. Yams. I am hooked on baked yam wedges with a bit of cinnamon, cumin and cayenne. MMM…

Z is for ZWOW. Zuzanna’s workout of the week. I usually do one Fridays. They rock!


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