Leaf Gnomes are cool

I'm sitting here, listening to the sound of a pounding drill on the house foundation looking at the fall colours. Some years the leaves fall too quickly. This year they're taking their sweet golden time - I love it.

Fall is my favourite season by far...you dig out the sweaters, drink more cocoa and go for lots of walks through the multicoloured paths by the river. Campfires. Pumpkin everything....Lovely.
I was just thinking of the stories my brother used to tell gullible old me when I was little. Like the one about the Leaf Gnomes. What? You don't know that one?
Well, according to some who are in the know, the leaves on the trees don't just change colour and fall off themselves you know. The Leaf Gnomes do it. Leaf Gnomes live under hillsides like hobbits and wait for fall weather, only coming out at night to start swapping out the leaves one by one for coloured ones...to change them out for fall ones.
Yes. Yes, I believed every word of it.
And no you can't tell me it's not a way better reason than chlorophyll being replaced by anthrocyanin and degradation artifacts until the leaves die and fall off...

Think I'll set out a picnic plate for them for doing such a good job this year... with a glass of milk and some cookies -because as I recall being told, the Leaf Gnomes really like chocolate chips.


grapecat said…
i would leave a thimble of whiskey as well - as i recall, they are rather partial to a wee dram...could even make your leaves even more magnificent :)

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