The very definition of lame

Today I was home all day as the furnace guy came to install a new furnace and water heater. The old one needed new wiring so it didn't burn the place down, so we're replacing it and the old water heater with much more efficient ones. Halfway through the day right before 1 the power went out. It just came back on 4 hours later...which royally screwed up the install. Essentially it means I have no heat and hot water right now because they couldn't finish the job without power.


The guys will be coming back tomorrow at 9:30 AM to finish the job. There is only a few hours left to do... The water heater and furnace are physically hooked up to power and water and gas, but the whole venting of them outside isn't done yet. worky.


I feel bad that they have to come back tomorrow...I mean it's not their fault. I am hoping that it doesn't cost us much more because of it. The installer said he had people visiting him for the weekend...which sucks for him to miss out on. It's just s dumb random event that's royally mucked things up good and proper. I'd have them wait until monday if it was just the no furnace thing, as it's supposed to be nice out and we likely won't need it, but no hot water all weekend is too much I think. We have the worst luck with this kind of stuff. I mean, seriously, random stuff like this happens to us more often than I'd care to say...

To be honest I was kinda hoping the power would be out a little bit longer so I could go out for supper (I might anyways just because)...I couldn't do any work at home on my stuff in the PM because of the lack of power, which sucks, so I feel behind. So much for a solid day's work at home...

On the plus side, I can see how they've moved the water heater to a less obtrusive place, so we'll have more room in the basement, but I won't be able to really relax until it's in and working again.



I'm glad you're having it done now, rather than waiting for it to conk out in the middle of winter.

Incidentally, my word verification is "horti", which couldn't be any more fitting for the good Cap'n. :)

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