We have normality. I repeat...we have normality.

It's officially spring.

Yessiree...we took off the snow tires. And by we I mean J did and I did something else.

I am so utterly contented. I had 2 whole days off this weekend. I *know*. Like normal people. A real weekend. It's been months.

I spent saturday with friends and by myself recharging my batteries and giving myself a little TLC. I got a few new clothes...and I pimped out my exercise gear. I've got a new pair of running shoes (no they are *not* pink. Ahem. They only came in one colour. And that colour is Purple. Yes. It is. Shhh).
I have a heart rate monitor watch

I have workout gear-foam roller and exercise bands on order, soon to arrive for my Core Performance fitness program...soon to begin. My knee is stiff, but unpained. We shall make it better...oh yes...

George and I made croissants (frozen and proof/bake your own kind - mmmm....seriously. With eggs and bakey? Best. Breakfast. Ever). I made irish stew and lime pudding (better late than never for St. Paddy's day).

I even sanded and primed my cupboard doors-outside. It was nice. I used a borrowed Black & Decker "mouse" sander, which, I gotta say, is lame, underpowered and silly with special velcro sandpaper (yup. No regular sandpaper...just "special" pricier stuff that doesn't come in high grit...) I wouldn't recommend it-it barely dulled the finish for me, but did enough to barely prep the varnished doors for priming...so in the end I made do. I'm a bit behind in regular chores as that's all I did chore wise, but really. Who cares? I feel utterly normal and sane for the first time in ages. I had a freak random break in MSc duties and I took it to relax. Can I get a woohooo?

Yup. As of today, I'm recommitting myself to looking after myself. I have the tools. I have the strength. I will do all I can and keep at it, adjusting the program as need be until I find something that works.



Jay said…
I'm looking forward to some warm weather and being able to get out and be active too. This seemed like the longest winter ever. But, I don't have any fancy pink shoes or anything. ;-)
Pacian said…
"Gentlemen, she can recommit herself to looking after herself. She has the technology. She has the capability to build the world's first bionic Geosomin... of herself."

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