Regardless of how easy I take my workouts to try and get back into shape, my left knee is starting to be painful again...the telltale stiffness and clicking have started...which may or may not lead to me doing f*ck all until it heals...again...for the 5th time....

And I ask this, Oh Great Pulsating Brain at the Centre of the Universe: WTFF?

All I want to do is work out a little. I don't need to be as hard core as I was. I used to run 10K 4 times a week fro f*cks sake. Now I can't even do 30 minutes on low setting on the elliptical or go for a walk? I won't be able to ride my bike to work?

Dude...they can't be wearing out yet. I'm not that old.

I'm getting some new shoes this weekend to correct my pronating ankles and I'm hoping that will fix current shoes are old, and it may be why I'm having troubles. I'm going to do leg strengthening exercises to help my legs be stronger so my knee rotates normally and get know, like it used to be?

If I can't exercise vigorously soon the stress of work and school and life will inevitably get to me and I'll fall off the wagon and run straight in to the arms of my secret lover Old Dutch down in Caketown.

Is that what you want Brain? Is it?

I didn't think so.



Pacian said…
Next time you exercise, try leaving your knee behind. It's probably more trouble than it's worth.
Cindi said…
I felt very old the day I went and got fitted for my orthotics but I sure do love them!
Anonymous said…
I have a stiff hip. I was starting to visualize myself with a zimmer frame, and then I realized... it started when I bought a new bed!

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