I want to be a clone

Hmmm...I really have to get at finishing up the cupboards. My goal of being done the kitchen by March has not come to pass. In my quest to remain sane I have let it slip in favour of necessary for life chores and my MSc project. I'm not going to beat myself up about it...it's just the fact that it is really really inconvenient to have my kitchen in boxes in the living room... it is driving me crazy.

This weekend I slogged away at my MSc project, as it needed my attention. I got a lot done. It felt good. And as a result...my kitchen is still mostly in the living room.

So, tonight I need to get started on putting shelf paper (it's metallic. Oooh...) down and begin putting things back in the kitchen...and working on finishing up the door and trim painting. I think I'm going to work at it 1 hour a night whenever I can. Once the doors are prepped, that will be enough to do a coat of paint/primer etc every night. And it's enough to start actually putting my kitchen back together. This weekend when I couldn't make icing for a friend's birthday cake it really irked me that I still had stuff in the living room and not in the kitchen where it should be.
Yes. I admit to *buying* icing. Oh the shame.

If only I could clone myself I could get so much more done...


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