We come from the future

I finally made a dent in my kitchen last night. Seeing as today was grocery day and I didn't want to get home with a kitchen full of groceries and have nowhere to put them, I did some kitchen stocking yesterday. I'm organising things by *function* as I put it all back after the renos. There's an actual logic to it now, not just where I happened to shove things when we moved in. I'm also purging stuff I don't use, or storing it downstairs. It's really starting to come together...

The best part?
Shelf paper.

Makes me feel damn old, but I finally get what grandma meant when she said shelf paper made her happy because it made her kitchen feel fresh and clean.
Cause...it *does* :)
I hadn't bothered to paint the inside of the cupboards but they feel all clean and bright and new.
Because I can, I've used metallic shelf paper...so it looks like I have cupboards from the future, lined with aluminum.

So now all my dishes are in clean crisp spaceship cupboards...



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