What do we really know about chickens?


I can tell I'm stressed out with my project and all the things I'm juggling as I'm having bizarre dreams. They usually come when my brain is trying to wimble out and make sense of things while I sleep. When I'm exhausted but my brain is still whirling away.
Last night was no exception.

I dreamt that J and I were in a pub with a big roaring fireplace and cheap plastic tables with about 6 tables of people. It was open mic talent night and each table was doing a song/skit or something for the prize of a round of beer. J and I were at a table with someone we know as well as a short woman with dark hair and a huge red guitar and a man with a chicken and a top hat. We had made plans to sing a song about chickens and then the hat man would make it disappear - we were sure we'd win. But then I went to get a beer (liquid courage) and returned to find only J and I were left as the others had stepped out for a bit. And it was our turn, and so he and I strolled up, squawking chicken in hand and decided to make up a song about chickens as we went along. I picked up the mic and said "ladies and gentlemen....what do we really know about chickens?"

And then, thankfully, I woke up.

I can't wait to get my first progress meeting over with so I can get some proper sleep :)


Anonymous said…
Do you think the chickens were trying to take over with some kind of new technology that puts ideas into people's heads? Scary thought. :-)
the Bag Lady said…
Your dream cracked me up!
It probably has some meaning, but I hesitate to guess....
Pacian said…
In my dream they were rounding up the muppets and putting them in extermination camps.

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