Snow day...OK almost

It snowed all weekend here. Enough to warrant a Environment Canada blizzard warning and a shut down/super reduction in transit yesterday and today. Which for here means a shitload of snow. The buses couldn't run because they all got stuck! snowed.
Thankfully I was smart and went in and did some MSc work and ran errands saturday before the snow had piled up too much so that sunday J and I could stay inside (except for some snow shovelling) and clean and organise and watch movies and make delicious matar paneer and just relax. Why go out in that when you dont' have to?

This morning they still haven't cleared a lot of the main roads and (for some reason) people forget how to drive in snow every year, so it's been a slow start to the day so far. It's been really mild the past few weeks here (so nice) but apparently winter is back now.
I've arrived and should get to it...
Have a good day all. Don't get buried under all the snow, K?


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