Monday, January 18, 2010

There is nothing new under the sun...

I was out pretending to be a normal person on the weekend at a local art event and was talking with J and my friend Chris about something I keep coming back to in my head - setting up a periodic table of cheeses (what?). I mean, think about it: you've got distinctions due to hardness, sharpness, colour, a row at the bottom for man made and difficult to make cheeses. You could have a columns of the blue cheeses...etc. etc. etc. I really love cheese. I've really thought about this...perhaps more than necessary. Personally I kept thinking if I ever have a month or so and a lot of money to buy all kinds of cheeses (and nothing else to do), I can figure it out. Beats trying to knit something. I already know I suck at that...

Chris (the eternal optimist) said he has started to Google his "eureka thoughts", as 99% of the time it's already out there - which is a bit disappointing, but albeit a large time saver. Plus, you tend to learn something while you're at it. So, seeing as we were at a live art thingy at the local gallery (complete with dancing bearded lady and a fat lady who sang at the end. Honest.) we walked up to Yann Martel (author of Life of Pi and our local Scholar in Residence) who was doing a bit of a live art performance majiggy by writing his bi-monthly letter to Stephen Harper suggesting a book to read, including what people at the event suggested he read (bet you can't guess which one is from me...). He was amused at our question and was good enough to google it for us right then and there.
And sure enough- it appears that it was already thunked up.
BUT-I don't mind being beaten by a 19th century blind Russian cook (Anatoli Grigor Konchalovsky). I am not entirely sure if this is true or not - I must do more searching to prove it so...part of me secretly hopes it is not- then I can still do it.

Otherwise, I will have to examine his table and see if I agree.
You know, for the good of science and all that...

Glad to know other people out there love cheese as much as I do.


the Bag Lady said...

I love cheese, too.
Must look up this cheese chart.

Jay said...

So they only beat you by a hundred years or so on the idea. But, there have been lots of great cheeses invented since then, I'm sure. It probably needs updating.

grapecat said...

no no - you have to do it! It would be wonderful! You could always make it country specific. And then sell it on t-shirts wth Napoleons quote about a country with 400 cheeses being impossible to govern. i bet you'd sell loads at farmers markets.
please do it - pleeeeeeaseeee!!

Pacian said...

"(bet you can't guess which one is from me...)"

Billions and Billions, by Carl Sagan?

Or at least, that's the most awesome book on the list.