Note to self: do not throw a major wobbler. It'll work itself out eventually...

Having been "out of it" at work for a while for understandable reasons, I am trying to get back up to speed and concentrate and work on things and get going again. I do the things I do with and for others so we all need to be on the same page so we all do what we need to and don't have to repeat things or miss thigns. Plus there's always personal bias popping in to cloud things on mine and their ends...

The long and the short of it is this: Today I am getting exceptionally tired of hearing "oh didn't you know that? I'm sure we told you that? You really should have asked first..."


How do I ask about something if I don't know it even exists? How do I even know I need to ask?

I want to give everyone I work for a list of questions while they are in the same room so I know all I REALLY need to know and not just think I know all I really need to know. I'm working on a system for that.

Cause, THEN I'll be all groovy and like "hey there, what can I do for you?" with a labcoat and a monacle and all that razmatazz. Ya dig?

(I admit to being rather emotionally wobbly at the moment it's not the best combination)

Deep breaths. That's the key...

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Rimshot said…

seems like you could use one. I've got lots more! :)
Alas, we've all been there. If you ever figure it, Geo, please let us know.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes I think the best jobs are the ones we do all by ourselves. :-)

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