What the word needs now is pie, sweet pie

J pointed out to me the other day something interesting about a favourite cartoon of mine. Bizarro , for the last week or so, has had a piece of pie in it ...even when it has absolutley no relevance at all to what is in the cartoon. The further back I look, I see that lately there has been a firecracker hidden in them too. There is a firecracker in the one above from April 8...and a piece of pie as it turns out. Occasionally there is a little alien in a little saucer (yup that's in this one too)...or cockroaches carrying a nuclear missle (can't hav them all I suppose). I'm pretty smiley about the most recent discovery...pie.
I can't get any of the recent ones online or I'd post them in all their piey goodness...it's glad to see absurdity is still abiding in the greater world...pie and all.


the Bag Lady said…
Love the cartoon. The Bag Lady doesn't see enough cartoons anymore. She doesn't read the newspaper, and usually spends too much time blogging to surf around the 'net looking for them.
How was your beer?

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