Monday, May 12, 2008

I'll have an avelox with a side of prednisone straight up...

And don't forget the salbutamol chaser...

Hey hey.
Guess what? I'm sick again. Yup. And not half assed's an all out lung infection...came up over a matter of hours on friday and got bad fast...would've been pneumonia if J hadn't bugged me to go in to go checked out yesterday. I get an xray today to be sure I'm not needing more fun medication or actually *do* have pneumonia. I think the pharmacy I've already been given has started to work already. Not being able to breathe is not's rather frightening actually. I'm enjoying the breathing part.

BUT...all will pass I'm sure. I was mad about it, but what can you do?

I'm balancing this with the new knowledge that Coldplay is coming to Edmonton and Calgary in the summer and I am going to see Phantom of the Opera tonight. Unfortunately I'll be medicated to the gills, so as not to dsturb the other patrons, but I can't wait. I haven't seen it for a loong loooooooooong time. We're going to get dressed up and try to have a great time. It sucks to be sick, but I'm determined to enjoy it. J hasn't seen it, so I'm determined to not ruin it for him by hacking through it. I'm also determined to try by best to get tickets for Coldplay...they're not on sale for a while though.

But I'm going off to bed for a while. I took the day off to rest...figured if I need to go for an xray, noone at work would be interested in catching this. I so rarely take a day off that I don't feel a bit lazy.

Hug and sneezes to all.


Magnus said...

I think the last thing you need to see is a band with a name like Coldplay.

The doctors tell you why you have been so repeatedly sick?

Geosomin said...

There are a lot of bad colds going around right now. I seem to be lucky enough to have caught both.
This is far worse and came on very hard and fast...when you wake up sqeaking and unable ot take full breaths it's quite scary.
Having asthma with a cold is never good...but they fixed me up proper...and I am actually jittery from all the stuff I've been given...but it's working. I feel WAY better today.

Anonymous said...

Mum's just recovering from a cold... "but it's SUMMER!" I wailed. Still, it seems to be going about. I hope you get better very quickly - and have a good night's sleep.