Monday, May 12, 2008

Go Speedracer Go!

I'm not sure what all the "oh it's not gonna be good" backlash was about around the Wachowski Brother's Speed Racer seemed it was another case of people deciding they didn't like something when it hadn't even been out yet. And this by people who knew nothing about the film or the original show...I decided to ignore the local blehs and go.

All I know is, I went to see it on opening day and I loved it.
It had a surreal supercoloured stylish world (think Edward Scissorhands only brighter) and the characters were well acted - they seemed deeper and more real to me than a lot of films I've seen. And the Everything was done so very well and stylishly. It was funny at times (good humour, quirky and odd at times) and great over the top characters. I've never seen the original Speedracer cartoons, so I have nothing to compare it too, but the occasional cheers and grins form the 30-something comic book/anime crawd in the theatre when I went to see it seems to show the film had a fans approval. It was a good film. I left happy and excited (and excited to someday have a segway...and maybe a monkey too...). It made me forget being sick for a few hours. I'd really reccomend it. It was like a happy alternate world full of techinicolour...and fast cars.

It didn't hurt that after we'd picked up our tickets before the show we went for a walk...and SpeedRacer drove by (no I wasn't medicated yet then). A white convertable old car with the number on the side was being driven by a man in a white leather jacket, white helmet and yellow gloves (and red socks no doubt). Never saw him again...but he was there.

Go Speedracer. Go.


Captain Chlorophyll said...

I've seen just the preview in a theater, and the impression I get is one of a teenager standing in front of a green screen, reading his lines from a teleprompter while computer wizards put in the background and special effects around him. That doesn't sound promising. I'm glad you went with an open mind and loved it.

Rimshot said...

No wonder you're sick again.

You've never seen the original!?!?!?

P.S. I'm sorry to hear you're sick again. Perhaps another dose of chili?


My Papi grew up watching it in Mexico and I watched it occasionally as a kid too. That being said my kids far preferred Iron Man to Speed Racer but gave Speed Racer an 'its aight' review.