Friday Favoties Vol.8 - The Dream, by The Orb

After a TRULY horrid day I'm feeling much better...and thought I would post a long delayed new friday favourite. This album is just came out late last year in the UK actually - I had to snag it through ebay to get it here at any reasonable sor tof price, but it was indeed worth it.
I've beena long time Orb fan...they often have hits and misses, but their first Ultraworld album is my favourite of all time.

Their new album, The Dream
is nothing less than fantastic. It has a real reggae dub influence, with a few good dance tracks and a few good ambient ones and everything in between. The whole album is solid and I've enjoyed listening to it many times over. It has fast become a favourite of mine. Alex Patterson has been working again withh Thomas Felmann and it shows...there is a solid bass reggae influence and a smooth flow to the tracks that makes it, by far, their best overall alnum in a while. Tracks 2 and 8 are particular favourites. The album rises and falls, ending in some nice ambientness.
Seeing as they aren't on any major label I don't know how easy this album will be to track down, but if you see it, grab it.
As for me..I'm off to tape Galactica and more Arrowroot cookies and gingerale. J is on his last night (yay) and perhaps I won't be sick much longer (I hope I hope).


Magnus said…
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Magnus said…
Orbvs Terrarvm and Pomme Fritz are still my favourites by the Orb. The live album too.

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