Monday, March 24, 2008

Which came first

Much free time makes for idle minds...which wonder idle *why* exactly is there and Easter bunny? Why a specifically a rabbit? And why does he (a boy bunny no less) leave eggs? Easter chickens would make just as little sense, but would at least link in the whole egg thing a bit more. Is the bunny magical? At least there's no list of who has been bad or good...but it still doesn't link up for me in any tangible way. Perhaps the egg thing is linked to the solstice of spring and fertility? It had to get dragged in there somehow...but then where did the rabbit come from? A fertile little beast for sure...but still. Why are we so quick to welcome in what is becoming such a patently odd holiday?

I really want to be there in a thousand years when they teach the sociology and culture of our times. How in the world will they bring that up in a way that makes any sense whatsoever? How will it have mutated even further by then? Will we even celebrate Easter? I mean historically speaking we've got a spring solstice fertility festival commandeered (date wise) by the christian faith and then slowly changed and adopted by holiday happy athiests with a penchant for stat holidays, fuzzy bunnies and Cadbury cream eggs. Who *knows* where we're up to next?


Pacian said...

I think it's more about rabbits and eggs both being symbolic of fertility, and thereby also spring.

the Bag Lady said...

All the Bag Lady knows for sure is that this question has given her a headache. Oh, wait, maybe it was all that chocolate....
Oh, and the Easter Bunny makes about as much sense as a fat man in a red suit getting dragged through the night skies by a bunch of flying reindeer, doncha think?

Geosomin said... you're saying Santa isn't real?

Diddums said...

Easter is definitely less important than Christmas... the proof comes from the shops! They will reduce some Christmas things before Christmas but they will not reduce Easter eggs immediately after Easter. They know we would all just say "Happy Easter... will get you an egg tomorrow!"