Everybody wins

I'm so tired I could sleep for a week.
All this moving stuff at work is quite tiring. Only 3 days left...well that I know about anyways :)
I got to help out J doing camera 2 (neat) on a show he floor directs on at his work last night...that was fun. I think I'll volunteer more if they'll have me. It's nice being with him when he has to work late, and he works with some great people. One of the cool things about where he works is there are some fun opportunities to volunteer and help out - I used to in Regina sometimes where he worked when I was in university and really enjoyed it then. And there's pizza after...so hey. Everybody wins.
I'm a bit rusty at the camera moves, but I'm sure it'll get better the more I do. Maybe I'll even get to try the jib camera sometime...*that* would be nervewracking but a lot of fun.
Off to box mine....


the Bag Lady said…
So, J works in television? Cool! That's what the Bag Lady loves about blogging - so many different occupations and points of view!
Moving. :(

Papi had to help pack up an office for a move once, he ended up splitting his pants from picking up boxes and he didn't know until close to the end of the day when someone finally told him that he had been showing his undies the entire afternoon. Nice.

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