I've been going through trip photos from England and Scotland and I am feeling so utterly blessed to have been able to go visit old friends, celebrate their wedding and have a short visit...even persuaded them to come out for a rather long hike along the cliffs of I have so many little perfect memories: backyard fires, drunken cake baking, and rhubarb sorbet with poprocks to name just a few. Since I lost Mum it's really become clear to me that it is all of these little parts of life that need to be celebrated and enjoyed. Life is too short to hold back laughter and excitement or turn down opportunities to see old friends...

A truly great thing is that now, when I feel disheartened and weak I can remember that J and I climbed a bloody mountain! I shared wonderful days with J on Arran Isle in Scotland that I'll remember forever. 
Yes. I am busy and life is difficult, but there is SO MUCH JOY to be had in it.


Anonymous said…
I suppose there's some truth in that. Joy is in the other people who are still here, and the little things. For instance, do you like coconuts? I had one today, thinking "I have to have these more often!"
Geosomin said…
I have decided in the last year that I really like coconut...and didn't before. I had fresh grated coconut on holiday and it was heavenly. Not sure why my tastes have changed, but I've noticed I now have a liking for things I disliked before, like coconut and red wine.
How does one bake a drunken cake? :)
Anonymous said…
Ah, changing tastes! One of the things I used to despise (and now I can't have enough of it) is beetroot.

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