It's officially summer now.

Ah. I feel better.
Today I was up early to bring in all the recyclables and run some errands, getting parts for the weed trimmer so I can finish mowing, weeding and trimming the yard tomorrow and a new BBQ grill to replace our grotty old one. I trimmed back our gargantuanly mutated tree and palm in our living room and they look like they came from earth now, and not venus. They have been rediculously overgrown for years and I hadn't the heart to trim them...but it needed to be done. Hopefully they come back nicely.

After french toast, Jay and I worked hard to clear out our screened in back deck, hose and mop it all down and put all our couches and tables back in all cleaned up. Geek managed to escape, but thankfully we found him at a neighbors down the street having some milk that they had kindly put out for him. We celebrated being back and out on the deck for the summer with a nice BBQ supper of burgers and tin foil potatoes and beer. I love being out on the deck...It really is a relaxing retreat. I can even work on my thesis out  there on the couch with some coffee and a blanket. So civilized :) is late, but it is thesis time. There were so many "life" things that needed to be done and I got most of them done today :) Tomorrow is more yard work and some cleaning of the house and LOTS more thesis work, but so far, so good. I was starting to go nutty that work and my thesis were devouring my life and I was letting it all fall apart. I'm going to pick away at it bit by may even be half civilized in here when my sis and her family come to visit next weekend - who knows?
Later taters. Science awaits...


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