filtering out the grrr

Well then. After a week of picking away at it here and there. I do believe I've made the house passable for company. Good thing...they arrive tomorrow :) Don't get me wrong, it's not perfect and there is still much to just actually looks like it should now. I will be able to visit and not be looking about me all the time for things to tidy or hide.
Now I must pick away at my thesis discussion revision to hand off monday. I am quite tired. I plan on doing 30 minutes tonight before I pack it in. I do hope my sis-in-law doesn't pull any of here batsh*t stuff during family visit...she gets odd sometimes...and I am not entirely sure I'm caught up on my sleep enough to not have my "nice filter" in place. She tries my patience. I will do my best.
But still, in the end, it will be grand. My sis, her whole family and my dad, bro and they will all gather. Tomorrow will have pizza and merlot and visit.
It's been far far too long :)


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