Winter is Coming

Well, winter has arrived finally after many false attempts.
After a nice unseasonably warm winter so far and a toasty warm christmas (seriously, there wasn't any snow and it was +5 C!) it's back to seasonal norms as of this week. Sad to see it back really, but it is what it is here on the frozen prairies. This AM it was -37 before the windchill, which made it feel like -45ish. I dug out my skipants to wait for the bus...

I am always amazed that life goes on on days like this. The school buses aren't running today (for obvious reasons) but the rest of us come in to do our thing. I am glad I don't have to drive in this weather...I mean my bus broke down this morning from the cold. I was happy to be properly dressed while I waited for the next one - a lot of people were not and I wanted to shake them...I mean wearing just running shoes and a bunnyhug in this weather? Positive thinking is one thing, but losing your fingers to frostbite is not my idea of a good least wear a hat! Jeez...this happens every year. We always have difficulty at work explaining to the new grad students form the middle east why they need a warm coat until the weather actually arrives and they experience it themselves...this kind of cold really is unfathomable until you live through it for a season...

It will take a bit getting used's all rather sudden.

It sure does make me want to stay inside and work on my thesis tho. No going out unless it's absolutely necessary. Think I'll hunker down the next while and get some writing done.
That and drink lots of tea with the help of my new tea robot.
Me hee.

Stay warm people.


the Bag Lady said…
-42 here this morning. Wind chill warning in effect for today - will feel like -48 for the day. Sigh. Had to bundle up to go check on the cows, and believe me, I didn't dawdle!

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