Death and Taxes

My Dad is having one bizarro time with this year's income tax. Somehow, in filing my Mum's final return along with his return for this year, Dad's accountant declared *him* to be dead too...setting into motion all manner of strange things, the least of which is my Dad has not gotten his income tax rebate back :)

Yes. Fun. I'd be finding another accountant if it were me...

So Dad is in the midst of filling out forms and proving his liveliness so that things can be all sorted out...not only must he be resurrected, but be reinstated as Mum's executor...
Yes - there are forms for that :)

He's alive! ALIVE!!!
So the moral of the story? Make sure you don't check the wrong box on your taxes kiddies, cuz government sanctioned resurrection is a real pain in the ass!


The accountant listed your dad as dead? Who did he (the accountant) think was going to pay him, then?
Anonymous said…
Because my husbands name is same as his fathers, the "all-knowing" government decided both had died in 1999. It took a few years to straighten it out. I wish him well.
Anonymous said…
Aaargh. What a nightmare.

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