Back to it then I suppose

Well...I'm back. I've had a lovely few weeks of relaxing, with very little resembling work in the middle of it all. J and I went to a few music festivals and caught up with some friends I never get the chance to see since I've been so busy. Saw a few of my favourite DJs from about the globe a most excellent tan...had a simply mad tea party...danced in my bear know, the usual holiday stuff :)

After a day of work in the middle of holiday after festivals, J and I and his family went up to the lake and I got to spend some time with my Dad. J's family rented out the cabin next to where my Dad lives so we had a nice week of visiting and such, and best of all J and I could go "home" at night and stay with my Dad and escape our cute (but very loud and early rising) nieces at the end of it all. The weather was a bit rubbish, but the company was good. I do hope we can do the same next year...I see my Dad and someone else cooks for me while I sip cider, poke at a fire, toast marshmallows and read old National Geographics? What's not to love?

In the midst of it all Dad and I went to a family dinner - my Mum's brother is up visiting from Georgia where he teaches broadcasting...I find him to be the interesting uncle. Lots to talk about and he of all my relatives understands my work and MSc labours more than anyone except my Dad. I had a fantastic visit with Dad and together we stopped to see Mum's grave and also go to the old homestead where she grew up and I learned a bit about my relatives on my Mum's side. It was interesting to see where mum lived as a girl. There's only grandpa's old workshop left of all the buildings...the roof is caved in and whoever owns the land is now raising bees there (WTF??) so we could not really lounge about and see it without being muddy bee food, but it was so very interesting. Sometimes family history you never knew pops I had a great uncle who went MIA in WW2 - *and* apparently my great grandma on my grandpa's side went all loonietoons and spent her life in an asylum. Well then. Excellent. It's good to have interesting family history don't you think? :)

I am now back after my first day of work and exercise and all that after a few weeks of gluttony and delicious wine consumption and I am just not in the mood to work on my MSc tonight. I have surfed da interwebs to my heart's content and made some curry. After being stuck on the freeway for over an hour coming home and then hailed upon during a torrential rain that popped up only for the duration of my walk home from the bus I am finding, now that I have dried up, that I am simply not ready for datamining. Yet.
Yes, this is lazy perhaps, but I honestly feel like myself for the first time in ages - all filled up inside for sleep, with a shiny brain and lots of colour and light twinkling about in my eyes. It's lovely. A few more hours of holidayishness remains I think.
Perhaps I will have my last dry cider and read a book for fun.

Random Holiday pics (I *know*...I actually have some and I remembered to download/upload them. Noone is more surprised than me...):

Dad and I

Tea Party pics


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