Monday, December 20, 2010

Feeling Festive

This Mexican version of Walking in a Winter Wonderland popped in my head last night after watching one of the weirdest (and arguably worst) Christmas films. A friend of ours has a penchant for B movies and invited us all over for a Christmas film. Usually it's a horror movie, so we showed up with munchies and eggnog and wow...were we surprised. It wasn't a horror...but yet it was...

(sorry - it was all I could find on this film on the web)

He found "Santa Claus" - a 1959 english dubbed Mexican Christmas film about a demon trying to stop Santa on Christmas eve. From this film, I've learned a few new facts about Christmas:
1. if you are bad Santa will shoot you in the butt with a canon
2. Santa lives in a castle out in space, made of crystal and candy
3.Good children who don't steal have nightmares about creepy dancing dolls
4. It's OK to pray to Santa for a present if you ask for two of them so you can give one to the baby Jesus.
5. Merlin the magician wears curly shoes and talks like Dr. Evil doing the macarena (katuk katuk katuk...). He lives in Santa's castle...just cuz...Utterly bizarre.

Good thing we had lots of rum...


Trent said...

I'm shocked that someone's gone through the trouble to YouTube-ize that. While it's not the most obscure song in the world, it certainly isn't going to make many top 100 holiday song lists....

Captain Chlorophyll said...

Sounds like the filmmaker had lots of tequila. :)