Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thunderbolt and lightning very very frightening me

I love Roger's raspberry almond granola mixed with blueberry yogurt. I am eating it right now and it is everything I dreamed it could be.
Even better than a cupcake.
No. Be quiet. It really is.

I had a nice relaxing weekend at the lake and now am back in the thick of it. This weekend I have a meeting to go to where I will learn lots and present lots, and after my biostatistics midterm exam today (eep) it will be hard core data crunching outside regular work until it begins this weekend. I am hoping to not wig out and do well on my midterm and then after this weekend...I am hoping for a whole evening off after that.
Oh to dream :)

Anyone want to write my exam for me?
I'll pay you is delicious granola...


grapecat said...

Sure! No problem! All we'll need is a space/time transporter, and a learnquik(tm) osmosis helmet, and a doppleganger to do my presentation on flexible working in office environments tomorrow - oh -and a dog sitter...
you know, it may just be easier if you do it....

Pacian said...

Then I'll do it!

(They don't have to be the right answers, do they?)

Rimshot said...

Ah, the old Biostatistics Midterm...brings back memories.

Not mine, mind you, the memories from my symbiot who, in another host, studied all that scientificky stuff.