Monday, October 25, 2010

Arrr matey have you ever been to sea?

I had a great weekend. I couldn't rake because it rained, but I do not care. I got to relax and still get lots done...and I came out of it feeling really good about myself.
Wanna know why?
Well this weekend, not only did I find some nice fuzzy-lined warm winter boots that are actually adult looking and don't look like eskimo boots or hikers...I also found BOOTS! Swashbuckling worthy boots!
This is huge.
I kid you not when I say that I have the calves of a pirate. I wistfully look at boots and whenever I see ones I like and actually risk trying them on they will only zip up about 3/4 of the way. My calves are not dainty...they're strong and manly. Good for escaping zombies, but VERY annoying for buying boots. I've had $$ aside for years to find boots that fit. I've even bought an amazing pair of Fluevog Operetta boots that I'm saving up for to be altered by a shoeman because they were amazing enough that I was willing to save up to pay someone to fix them so they fit.

And this weekend whole questing for winter boots I found some incredible brown leather swashbuckling boots from Clark's and I figured I'd try them on, as they had a bit of a give in the back...and THEY FIT! They look AMAZING! I wanted to go out in the mall and yell "I'VE GOT BOOTS PEOPLE! F*CKING AYE!"

Yes...All girlish glee aside, I love them. They are really nice. I can wear boots now and not feel left out when I feel all Zoe Washburn and want to go space pirating...

And...after being home and feeling trim and slim from my few months of diet and exercise (I'm down 10lbs since the summer) I had a thought and tried on my Fluevogs, jut on a whim. And Operettas zip up now.
They are snug, but they do up. YEAH!

I guess there's something to this fitness and exercise thing after all...:)



grapecat said...

those are gorgeous!! i love knee-high boots - seriously couldn't survive a damp london winter without them.

you need a duo boot shop - - they sell boots by both footsie and calf width - they fit perfectly :)

the Bag Lady said...

Ooooh - cute boots! I bought some when I was in the States, and will probably wear them to work today, simply because it's kinda wet out there, now that the snow has melted..... only good thing about snow is being able to wear cute boots, right?