Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sometimes I'd like to quit

Sometimes I think that if it weren't that I'm nearly half done I'd love to throw this whole MSc thing out the window. I'm just tired of being tired and way too busy for my own good. When I realise I am planning my week and I am unsure of just how to make sure I don't have to do work on my birthday (saturday) I know it's gone too far. People aren't meant to do this for long periods of time. Well, not without medications anyways. Last night I came very close to throwing a wobbler...but in the end I finished and came home and I feel better today.
Truth is, I just have to keep going. Things will get done, bit by bit.

All I know is, when this is over I a throwing a very large party. You are all invited.
There will be cupcakes and beer.
And me with the biggest grin you've ever seen.

For's back to the data mines for me...


Anonymous said...

You poor thing. You'll be so proud when you're done!!!


Geosomin said...

My glasses just broke.

This is not helping...