I think the weather people have no windows, or they have no working weather satellites. Or both. It called for 70% chance of rain today.
Luckily for me, instead it is sunny, without a cloud in the sky & 12 degrees...only a slight chance of rain now. Sure it's a bit windy, but hey! Sun is nice. I'll take it.

This AM it was warm enough for some critters to be out. It was a beautiful bike ride to work this morning - Being a good little scientist I took notes: counted 26 pelicans by the weir, 12 geese, a duck, 2 chipmunks and 8 gophers, a robin, a chickadee, a falcon and 2 golden retrievers (with peoples). I have to say - this biking thing eats the bus hands down...:)


the Bag Lady said…
I love golden retrievers.
Sounds like a lovely bike ride this morning!
Magnus said…
That's gonna be one fat bike.
Missicat said…
I wish I could ride to work! That's a lot of count would be a million squirrels and three ducks.

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