We just spent the day getting the deck ready for summer...all is pressure washed/mopped/whathaveyou and the furniture is all clean. As a bonus, J's aunt gave us their BBQ when they moved (along with a bunch of wine - woot) so we can actually barbecue, not just gently warm things on our crappy old bbq.
These are exciting times.

After a trip to the store I am all set for some tasty shishkebabs, tin foil potatoes and a beer. Then some more relaxing. Our neighbors invited us over to say hi for a bit...might go on over and visit...all I know is it's a day of "ah!" with another to follow.

The deck is my favourite place to be, and now I can live out there all summer.



the Bag Lady said…
What??? It's not cold there????
We're expecting snow AGAIN! (In fact, there were a few flakes flying around a few minutes ago!)

Pacian said…
Welcome back. :-P
Anonymous said…
Since you are a cheese lover, and now have a functioning barbeque, I wonder if you have tried combining the two with a vegetable and halloumi kabob?
If you haven't....it is really really good. Like a big hunk of squeeky feta-like cheese all grilled and wonderful. Sigh.
Happy barbequeing!
Jen W.
Geosomin said…
Well it snowed the day I got home (thursday) but other than a coldish day today, it's been pretty nice...

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