Yeah...what he said

I found this political commentary video via Chaucer's Bitch's weblog.
I heartily agree.
Go on to You Tube...go on, go there and have a view.


Starts off nice, then goes off the rails around the mid-point. Too many issues packed into the commentary to deal with here, but suffice to say there is a lot that could be said in response to this. (In fact, the fact that so many debatable assertions are tossed together here rather works against the thrust of the commentary; if you don't agree with every single point the guy makes, you're going to be more hesitant to accept the point that he's working up to.)
grapecat said…
well he does go on a bit, doesn't he? But I disagree with Peter - I don't think many points he brought up are actually debatable, they have been pretty conclusively proven by now. But this is old ground, no? When Libby first got fingered, presidential pardons were predicted. (oooh alliteration!). And for the rest of it, seems most was common knowledge in spring 2003. Where was this guy then?

I did wonder if he had some kind of supra-metaphor dictionary though!!

And I was somewhat startled to find myself thinking - well, yes - at least Nixon resigned! Lily Tomlin's right - just when you think you are as cynical as you can be, they raise the bar!

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