Zombie f*ckers unite for proper ratings

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Hmmm...apparently a riotous use of the words d*mn and f*ck can still keep you in the General category...altho come to think of it, I do bleep with ***'s a lot. Even so, apparently I'd better watch using words like death (once) and zombie (4 times) - as they matter in the ratings system.
Nah. On second thought, I'll go the more colourful route and try again later to see where I'm at...

I thought I'd at *least* be PG.

Off topic, I still recall when my Mom thought movie ratings were G for good, PG for pretty good and R for Rude.


Fucking A!



Much better. I redid it now and apparently using that *and* zombie together in a weblog post makes me now officially PG.
I knew I had it in me...


Pacian said…

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:
fucking (1x)

Um, I've used that word a lot more than once on my blog. o_O
Magnus said…
You are never going to rate with censored workds - fuck, damn, shit. See, easy.
Geosomin said…
DAMMIT you're so fucking right.
Chaucer's Bitch said…
apparently i'm NC-17, based on the prsence of the following words:
fuck (3x)
sex (2x) and
gay (1x)

i must say i strenuously object to the word "gay" being considered obscene. who writes these fucking rating systems?

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