40 minutes and 20 seconds

Yup, that's how long it took me to run 5 Km...and I only walked 2 minutes. The rest was all run - can you believe it? Slow and steady was my plan and it worked...I did it!

It was amazing. I had little Slip the iPod giving me tunes to run to and at the finish line - J and some friends surprised me with signs and loud crazy cheering - It was wonderful. After I finished we stayed and cheered on some others we knew doing the 10 KM run...it was a lot of fun. There were people of all ages and families participating in the walk/run events. There was a sense of fun and community and I really enjoyed it. I wasn't absolutely axhausted after and I'm really amazed at just how far I ran. I guess I can do things when I put myu mind to it...:) I'm quite happy with how it all went.
J tried to take pictures but they're kind of blurry, although there's apparently some shots of me warming up and of us cheering on our friends in the paper today, so I'm going to try and hunt it down to see it.

All that AND we went out for breakfast after.

What a wonderful experience...


afrobev said…
That's impressive stuff and sounds like a hell of an experience. You should be proud. It wears me out just thinking about it.
Magnus said…
I think I lost weight just reading about it.
Pacian said…
Dear Geosomin,

Why do people name their iPods?

Yours puzzledly,
Geosomin said…
Because sometimes they just develop a personality all their own...and, plus I've always named things that matter to me - cars, kitchen utensils, lab instruments...iPods. They just earn a name over time and it sticks.
Like Slip...he's just a little slip of a thing....and I can slip him in my pocket.
Corey said…
Good job on the run. Next year I am expecting to hear about your triathlon, and then your ironman (person)involvement.

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