Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her crunchy granola

Goooooood morning.
I'm just recovering from a wonderful day and preparing for another.
J and I left home yesterday morning and went to Regina to see Simon Fosford in the evening and then came back afterwards in the wee hours. It was a little drive (~2 hours) back to the city we fell in love in and spent the day reminiscing and enjoying the day. We found our old haunts and walked around Wascana Lake in the city - a beautiful place to be. There are all sorts of new bridges and paths to follow that weren't there before since they did some work on the lake a few years ago. It's about a 4.5 Km all the way around, past the legislature and the memories were coming back like it was yesterday. Then we had some yummy Thai food and went to hear one of the best psytrance DJs in the world play a live mixed set in the University performance room. We got there a bit early and I wandered around my old campus for a while before the It's amazing how a campus can change in just 7 years. New buildings and people, but it was like coming home for me. I spent my childhood in a tiny town a half hour or so outside of Regina, so it is one of the places I know better than anywhere else. And I spent my university years, where I really found who I was and what I wanted with life in the fair city of will always have a soft spot in my heart.
There were changes here and there of course, but mostly good. Some favorite eating places are now gone and the coffee shop I used to manage while in school was closed for renovations, but there were wonderful new things, like the old family owned grocery store across from where I used to live is now a family owned organic grocery store (with yummy fruit smoothies)...I wish it had been there when I was! The old gazebo in Wascana park where we were trapped in a huge thunderstorm and were sure the wrold was ending was still there. The old tree that's been trimmed back as it died in the memorial park down town is still there (I always thought of if as a giant stalk of asparagus and have memories of writing odd poems about it - "Enlighten us asparagus." "Asparagus doth frighten us"...)) A local artist has made giant metal ants that are now crawling all over little asparagus is a work of art now. It's neat to know someone liked it like I did...

It's funny odd little things you remember.
I remember falling in love with J there. We wandered past where we first held hands in a pile of fall leaves, where we'd walk for hours talking about nothing and everything. Just like over 10 years ago when we met...we wandered and talked. It was a great day.

And now - well I just finished a big bowl of pumpkin flax granola from the organic store across from my old home, and I'm going to try and nap and read the day away, and try and rest and stretch up my slightly stiffened legs for mym arathon tomorrow.
If anyone is around Saskatoon, come to Griffith's stadium ~10 AM. I'll just be finishing up my mini marathon. Whether I can run the entire way or I have to walk/run it to finish, just doing this is a huge personal goal foe me and I'm very excited. Pop by and we'll go out for breakfast treat.


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