Lady Vader at your service

Altho I am currently dressed as Rupert the science bear, I just have to post a pic of my steampunk Lady Vader costume from the weekend. I am very pleased with how it turned out.  I love taking things and changing it just enough to make it my own. J's EL wire finally arrived so he could finish his mask too.
I love Halloween.

I was going to wear it to work, but I wasn't sure if a corset was "work appropriate" so Rupert the bear saves the day once again. I have my lab coat and slide whistle and it's been fun. I actually sat through a short meeting with the bear head and a lab coat on, which I must admit has been a lifelong goal of mine :) I'm glad I wore it, since the new labs are at about 16 degrees today (they're mucking with the AC) so I'm glad for the warmth :)

Happy Halloween everyone!!


Why haven't I ever attended meetings like that? My next job had better be with interesting people!

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